The Authentic St. Joseph Home Sale Practice

$9.95 USD

  • The St. Joseph Home Sale Practice is known as the age old tradition of requesting the aide of St. Joseph while in the midst of selling one's home
  • This product has been specifically designed and presented to aid you in the sale of your home or your client's home.
  • Assembled at the Pioneer Center for Human Services, serving persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness and traumatic brain injuries

    An age old practice, with over 1900 years of history, involves burying the statue of St. Joseph in the yard to encourage the sale of the property.  Many real estate agents and homeowners alike have experienced remarkable results, under circumstances where a sale was unlikely to happen.  Yet, through the use of the statue and this common practice they experienced remarkable results.  This St. Joseph statue has been specifically packaged and designed to help you with your sale or your clients sale.  It also comes with detailed instructions on how to petition St. Joseph to help you sell.

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