Standard Real Estate Package Available on Amazon

$69.95 USD $99.95 USD

  • 1 x House For Sale Sign (18" x 24")
  • 2 x House For Sale Directional Signs (18” x 24”)
  • 3 x Standard Outdoor Sign Posts
  • Offer to Purchase Worksheets and Guide (in your online account)
  • Printable Feature Sheets (in your online account)
  • Printable Sign-in Sheets (in your online account)
  • Step by step online guide on how to sell with confidence.
  • Optional Premium Sign Frame for your main lawn sign
  • Optional Open House Signs and Posts

This package includes all the marketing tools and resources that you will ever need to sell your own property, commission free, with full confidence!  This for sale by owner kit includes 3 large double sided house for sale signs and standard outdoor sign posts. You may upgrade your main lawn sign post to our premium sign frame for a sturdier installation and a bolder look.  These web Enabled signs will allow you to showcase your home with photos and all the information that a buyer requires to make an informed decision.  Your professional marketing package also includes the offer to purchase worksheets, step by step guide, resources, and numerous sales tools in your included online account.  There you will be able to track your performance and see who and when is looking at your property.  This do it yourself real estate package, will put you in control of the entire process.  Schedule your showing and open houses as you please, and set the price to your satisfaction.  You will have all the tools at your fingertips to take matters into your own hands.  Once you receive your marketing package, simply go online create your account, free of charge, and activate your signs.  Create your online showcase with photos and information and install your signs.  It’s that easy.  This off the shelf marketing package, has been designed by one of the worlds leading for sale by owner real estate experts.  Your journey to success begins here!

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Optional Heavy Duty Real Estate Sign Frame

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Total with customizations: $69.95 USD

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