Heavy Duty Real Estate Sign Frame Available on Amazon

$49.95 USD

Used to easily install any of our 18” x 24” signs.

  • High quality, durable and professional looking design.
  • Resistant to strong wind conditions.
  • Works with any of our 18” x 24” signs.
  • Easy installation with no additional hardware.
  • Made of nearly 100% recycled materials.
  • Will never rust or fade.

NO FASTENERS REQUIRED! Our realtor-style sign frames work perfect with all of our 18” x 24” signs.  They are modern and elegant, and will showcase your sale professionally.  The integral foot stirrup makes setup easy — rock it side to side slightly while pushing down with your foot and you're there! Made from near 100% recycled fiberglass reinforced high-density plastic, keeping the environment in mind.


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