12" x 18" For Sale Sign Available on Amazon

$14.95 USD $19.95 USD

Showcase your sale with photos and details, eliminate frustrating inquiries and give your purchasers the confidence to buy! One sign purchase price, no usage fees, no renewal fees, or hidden costs! Experience a new era of for sale by owner marketing! 

How It Works
This sale sign allows buyers to quickly access information on your sale using a mobile or desktop device. Just buy your sign, create your online ad and install your sign in a visible outdoor location. Super simple to setup with instructions at the bottom of your sign and free online support anytime you need it. Your ad features a professional layout with unlimited photos, details, maps, and contact information. Designed to impress and encourage buyers.

Sales and Marketing Tools
Your included online account will allow you to manage your ads, track your views, and promote on social media. You may also redirect your sign to any other online ads, works great for car or boat dealerships. There are no additional fees or hidden costs. Buyers will contact you directly by phone or email and can even propose offers online.

What’s Included
You will receive a single sided, professional, eye-catching, 12” x 18” for sale sign. Laser printed on 3-layer coextruded plastic made by GE. Unlike all other signs printed on cheap corrugated plastic, our sign material is highly rigid, durable, and non-translucent, eliminating all sun-bleed and remaining highly visible under sunny conditions. Designed for years of use, your sign will never expire and may be reused for your next sale at no cost!

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